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A Designer’s Perspective on Crowdsourcing


Posted on 18/11/13 in Thoughts

There’s been a little bit of back and forth this week regarding the use of crowdsourcing services to get design work done. Both Michael and Steve are coming from the perspective of those commissioning the work – I thought I’d share some thoughts from my perspective as a designer.

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Are Corporate Hackathons the new Spec Work?


Posted on in Thoughts

Last week I saw the announcement about the upcoming hackathon sponsored by the the Sydney Opera House, and posted on Facebook that the new wave of Hackathons are starting to look dangerously like Spec Work. With revelations today that the terms for the Sydney Opera House hackathon include signing over all intellectual property – this Read more

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Using Canva for Church Communications

Canva Logo

Posted on 4/11/13 in Thoughts

Some churches have dedicated creative teams to design and create visual assets to be shared on Facebook and on their  website. Sadly, this is not the case for most churches. Creating images for sermons, events, Facebook posts and more can sometimes be a difficult experience.  I’d like to introduce you to an online service that Read more

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8 Questions To Ask Before You Build Your Church Website


Posted on 29/10/13 in Websites

This is the third post in an ongoing series where I hope to to demystify the process of commissioning a website for your church. When it comes to building or commissioning a website for your church – it can be tempting to just jump right in. The excitement of getting started can sometimes outweigh the Read more

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A survey on Church Websites

Posted on 21/10/13 in Blog

At Jordesign we’ve noticed that cost is often a major factor for Churches looking for websites. Many smaller churches can’t afford the cost of a fully custom developed site, but are interested in a solution where they aren’t locked into a pay-by-the-month solution.

We’re in the process of developing a WordPress based solution for Churches which will allow them to have an affordable website for a lower cost than a fully custom developed site. And the only ongoing cost will be an annual renewal for hosting, domain registration and support.

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Common Features of Church Websites

Posted on 30/9/13 in Websites

A few years ago a church website was a simple affair.You didn’t need much more than (maybe) the church address and the service times.

How times have changed. These days your church website can come with heaps of bells and whistles, and do all manner of things.
The first conversation I have with a client is almost always to do with the functional scope – that is, ‘What do you want your website to do?’

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How much should your church’s website cost?


Posted on 16/9/13 in Websites

This is the first post in an ongoing series where I hope to to demystify the process of commissioning a website for your church. One of the first questions I get asked when talking to churches about their website is this. ‘How much will it cost?’ This question is understandable, as budgets (especially amongst small Read more

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Demystifying your Church Website

Posted on 15/9/13 in Websites

These days it is almost a given that your church should have some sort of website. For many people this will be the first impression they have of your church, or even Christianity in general. With that in mind – it is important that not only does your church have some kind of website, but Read more

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Recapping Hackagong 2013


Posted on 29/7/13 in Blog

Hackagong 2013 was held last weekend – and once again I was privileged to be involved.

I teamed up once again with Rhys Powell (a super slick young web/iOS dev) and we managed to pump out a really polished final product by the end of the weekend. We created Whispr: a web app that allows private disposable chat without accounts, and without the need for a native app.

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Image Aspect Ratios for Church Websites

Posted on 14/7/13 in Websites

There’s a great post over at MinistryCom about standardising your aspect ratios. It talks about standardisation in quite a broad sense (across different mediums and locations) but it’s prompted me to share a few thoughts on how I try to address the issue when creating and designing sites for churches.

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