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Should all Church Websites look the same?

Posted on 14/8/15 in Thoughts

Oh look – BigAwesome Church has just launched a brand new website. It looks awesome – really modern and engaging, lots of personality. Let’s take a look at the homepage…

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A Designer’s Perspective on Crowdsourcing

Posted on 18/11/13 in Thoughts

There’s been a little bit of back and forth this week regarding the use of crowdsourcing services to get design work done. Both Michael and Steve are coming from the perspective of those commissioning the work – I thought I’d share some thoughts from my perspective as a designer.

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Are Corporate Hackathons the new Spec Work?

Posted on in Thoughts

Last week I saw the announcement about the upcoming hackathon sponsored by the the Sydney Opera House, and posted on Facebook that the new wave of Hackathons are starting to look dangerously like Spec Work. With revelations today that the terms for the Sydney Opera House hackathon include signing over all intellectual property – this Read more

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Canva Logo

Using Canva for Church Communications

Posted on 4/11/13 in Thoughts

Some churches have dedicated creative teams to design and create visual assets to be shared on Facebook and on their  website. Sadly, this is not the case for most churches. Creating images for sermons, events, Facebook posts and more can sometimes be a difficult experience.  I’d like to introduce you to an online service that Read more

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Bridge Church website

Does your church’s website need a carousel?

Posted on 4/6/13 in Thoughts

Carousels (slideshows, sliders – call them what you will) are a staple of the modern website. And church websites are no different. All it takes is to look through the recent list I compiled of Australia’s best church websites – and it is clear to see.

I’m here today to pose the question of whether your church’s site really needs a carousel?

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On Design and Startups

Posted on 17/1/13 in Thoughts

Mark Boulton recently wrote an interesting article –  Design is Veneer (go have a read, I’ll wait). One of the points he touches on is that although not everyone is a trained (or experienced) designer, they are capable of learning some aspects of the craft – enough to be useful. Many people would not class Read more

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A Third Path

Posted on 10/1/13 in Thoughts

There’s a great article over at GOOD talking about a ‘Third Path’ for school leavers, apart from school or university/college. I’ve been having similar thoughts recently – albeit along a slightly different track. Around Australia (and presumably the world) Universities, TAFEs and Colleges are pumping out design graduates. As a general rule, these graduates seem Read more

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Hackagong 2012

Posted on 30/11/12 in Thoughts

Over the weekend just past Hackagong was held at Wollongong University. Over 30 hours, close to 90 people, in 27 teams competed to see what they could create. It was a great mix of designers, entrepreneurs and coders, all in one space. I had the pleasure of working with a great young developer creating a Read more

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This is My Wollongong

Posted on 6/11/12 in Thoughts

I realised last night how long it has been since I went for a wander with my camera – so I decided to rectify the situation. 18 months into living in Wollongong, and I’ve now got a selection of favourite places to wander and hang out – so I thought I would share some of Read more

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We are the Gatekeepers

Posted on 19/10/12 in Thoughts

This year I have been lucky enough to once again head along to Web Directions South in Sydney. There’s still a day to go, but I thought I would share a few thoughts about the main focus I felt coming out of day one. There are four tracks at WDS this year so my observations Read more

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