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Case Study

Connect 15 Conference

Connect is the annual conference held by Christian Media Australia – a gathering of Christians involved in the media & broadcast industries. We had the pleasure of working on the branding for the 2015 event – including working on all the print collateral, website, venue graphics and more.


The theme for the conference was Daring Greatly – a challenge to take stand up and stand out for the Gospel. After some investigation and development we settled on a series of graphics of people who have truly Dared Greatly (in politics, science, technology and more) overlaid with a strong typographic treatment of the theme.


Banner Ads and Graphics

This theme was brought through a range of graphics and banner ads used for promotion and advertising on Facebook and around the web.


Large Scale Displays

One of the highlights was putting together a giant banner to be placed in the foyer of the venue. It set the tone for the conference as people arrived – as well as having the practical purpose of displaying the sponsor’s logos.


Onstage & Onscreen Graphics

The branding was also brought through all the onscreen and onstage graphics used throughout the event


Print and Marketing Collateral





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