Jordesign: Websites for Churches & Ministries

Case Study

EV Church

We recently had the great pleasure of working with EV Church on the central coast to redesign and develop their website(s). In the past they had separate sites for many of the different services – allowing them some independence, but also making the identity of the church as a whole a little disjointed.

A major part of the process was to bring more cohesion to the details for each of the services. We also created sub-sites for some of the larger service (like youth and kids) which managed to feel related to the overall EV brand, but also have their own identity.


Showcasing design and photography

EV Church have a great team of creative staff and volunteers – and create amazing visual work (both graphics and photography). One of the priorities of the design phase was to create a framework which, while presenting the overall EV branding, really gave the opportunity for the created graphics/photography to change and set the tone of the overall site.


Mobile First & Responsive

The new EV Church  website is developed to be responsive — so it works beautifully on screens of any size. It’s also been built mobile-first, meaning it loads as quick as possible for smaller screens — then adds complexity for devices with larger screens.


Customised Service Pages

Each of the services has it’s own page with a few customisations of colour and branding. Combining this with the overall EV branding means that each service stands alone with it’s own identity while still clearly being part of EV Church.


Minisites for Youth & Kids

With a lot of extra information for some services and ministries (Kids, Youth, Summer Camp and Growth Groups) we needed to create dedicated minisites for each of them.

Each of the minisites carries the branding of the specific service or ministry, but keeping the same framework and layout means the site still feels like it is part of the main site.


 Automatic Sermons from RSS Feeds

EV Church has a dedicated server for managing their sermon media from all their services. To make things easy for them – each of the service pages automatically grabs the most recent sermon from the RSS feed, detects whether it is audio or video, and displays it accordingly.

ev_cs_5Integration with Church Community Builder

EV Church use a service called Church Community Builder to manage much of their administration (including their event listings and registration).

We were able to integrate the system with the website to automatically pull through the upcoming events and display them within the site.

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