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The New Year is a great time for a New Website

Posted on 18/12/13 in Blog

As 2013 winds down and we get into the swing of things for Christmas and New Years Eve – your church’s website can often be the last thing on your mind. After all – once everyone has turned up for the Christmas service you’ve been promoting so heavily on the site – there’s nothing to speak of until well into the new year.

I’m here to suggest that, on the contrary, the Christmas/New Years break is a great time to think about your church’s website. Here’s a few reasons why.

Headspace to think creatively

As a general rule – many ministries will shut down over the break. But most ministers, pastors and staff are still working. The extra time and mental space at this time is a great opportunity to stop and take stock of your existing website.

Even putting aside a few hours one day to really take a look at your church’s existing website can reveal to you the things that are working well, or not so well. This is a great place to start thinking about the changes you need to make.

Time to manage a project

Hopefully having a lighter workload over the break means that you have more time to embark on a new project like a new website. You’ll also have plenty of time to manage the project, and concentrate on it, as it continues.

For many design studios, the Christmas/New Years break can be quiet – as many of their larger clients can be closed for the holidays. This means it may well be good timing for them to work solidly on a project as well. Why not get in touch with a few studios in your area and see what their availability is like?

Start the year with a bang!

Wouldn’t it be great for all your ministries to come back in the new year – along with a great new website?

The timing would be great if you can pull it off. It can mean great buy-in from ministry leaders to ‘own’ their part of the website, create content for it & keep it updated.

Strike while the iron is hot – and launch the site along with everything else in the new year!

Promote with fanfare

Your promotion needs (for events and ministries) are often at their peak by the end of January/start of February. Why not have a great new website to draw attention to the upcoming events and ministries that are starting? You can even use the launch of the new site to bring extra attention to the other events coming up.

The timing is right – why not start thinking now, about whether a new church website should be part of your new years plans!


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