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Case Study

one1seven Church

one1seven Church is based  at Redfern (in the Sydney CBD), and are launching a new Church Plant in the up & coming Green Square Precinct. With a new location to handle – they came to us to relaunch a new site which would work across both.


Two Campuses – One Website

To handle the (quite different) needs of two locations, we revived an old favourite – the splash page. There is a substantial difference in the ministries and services at each location – so it was important the the split between them was done at an early stage. The name’s of the two campuses also allowed us to use bright, bold colours to help orient the user to which location they were viewing.


Mobile First & Responsive

one1seven church’s website is developed to be responsive — so it works beautifully on screens of any size. It’s also been built mobile-first, meaning it loads as quick as possible for smaller screens — then adds complexity for devices with larger screens.

Designed to easy to navigate and clear to read

Designed to easy to navigate and clear to read

Big and Bold

The site is designed to be super-clear. Users can easily navigate between different locations, and find the site’s content under logical groupings. Content comes to the fore with a simple 2 column layout which can be customised according the page’s needs.


Central location for resources

Because resources like blog articles & sermons were relevant to both locations – we came up with a design for these pages which made it clear they sat within both locations. We also have clear pathways for users to find their way back to each location.


Sermons & Series

one1seven Church’s website is set up to catalogue and share all their sermons from week to week. Sermons are grouped into series to make it easier to sort through them.


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