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Case Study

Presbyterian Inland Mission

Presbyterian Inland Mission (PIM) is a ministry of the Australia Presbyterian Church that places missionaries throughout remote regions of Australia.

An aging and dated website was making it hard to communicate with their supporters, and relied upon someone with technical expertise to manually update the pages. They came to Jordesign looking for a site that would better suit their needs.

More than just a brochure

One of the important roles of the website for PIM played was as an advertising tool – telling people about the organisation and their history. PIM were keen, however, to see it become much more than that – being a way to keep supporters up to date with the goings on of all the patrols around Australia.

It was important that the site be able to publish general news items, as well as reports and updates from the specific patrols.

” … an image of earthy masculinity in the colours of the Red Centre…”


An earthy and robust design

The design of the site played an important role in communicating the location of the ministry, and the conditions under which the patrols work. PIM had a supply of great images to work with – both of the patrols themselves, and stunning locations they travel to.

Profiling the Patrols

We set up a WordPress Custom Post Type so that staff could manage the Patrols. They can add details of the patrol region,  details of who is currently assigned to the patrol, as well as images and mapping details.

Automatic listings of all patrols

Automatic listings of all patrols

These patrol details are pulled automatically through the site. It also allows new and updates to be written by a specific patrol, and displayed accordingly throughout the site.


Patrol details and list of reports

The site has been a great success – and we look forward to it continuing to grow as more patrols include their updates and reports.


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