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Case Study

Ridley Melbourne

Ridley Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading Bible colleges. Their website acts as an advertising platform for both the college, and their online certificate – as well as providing a wide range of resources to students and ministers alike.

We worked with Ridley’s in-house designer to put together a shiny new WordPress site in record time.


The overall slight is very clean and minimalist – with an emphasis on order and typography. The site contains a lot of content so lots of care was taken with the site architecture and navigation.

Grid-based Mega Menu

Grid-based Mega Menu

Unique Grid Menu

The homepage features a quite unique menu – allowing us to showcase the depth of content the site contains. The menu works well across different screen sizes, despite its unique structure.


Responsive & Mobile First

The site is developed to be responsive — so it renders appropriately on screens of any size. It’s also been built mobile-first, meaning it loads as quick as possible for smaller screens — then adds complexity for devices with larger screens.


Ridley Resources

Upcoming Events

Event Management

Ridley runs lots of events throughout the year – the details of which were often in different formats and wouldn’t fit well in a totally rigid system. We set the site up so they can have freeform text fields to describe different aspects of the event (as well as standard fields to allow the events to be ordered by date).


Ridley Resources

Ridley Melbourne have a wide range of resources they wanted to make available to the public. A WordPress custom post type allows them to list and catalog all the resources – while grouping them by resource type as well as resource category.


With so much content to share – we came up with a way to profile as much of it as possible on the home page. We made each of the sections scrollable so users would have quick access – but made sure not to have them scroll automatically so that it wasn’t too distracting.


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